Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Coffee Cave Mural: Compromised "Historical Character"?

Personally, I have yet to go to the Coffee Cave, but I have passed the place and had their food at the Halsey Street Block Party. I've seen the mural they had painted on the facade of the building, and I think it's wonderful. Unfortunately, the New Jersey Historical Society seems to think the mural sux, and has ordered Coffee Cave to remove it.
From John Murray's notes on Facebook:

The Newark Historic Society has asked that the Coffee Cave mural at 45 Halsey Street be removed because it compromises the historical character of the building.  I am asking that you email your letters of support for the mural and what it represents.  Please send emails to  Please include your name and address in your letter.

If you would like to support further, please let your voice be heard when we appear in front of the historic board,  details tba.

Thank You All

If anything, I think the mural blends history with progress very well. It also represents the beauty and diversity and renaissance of the art/cultural scene in Newark, and should be allowed to remain.
If you feel the same way, please send emails to the above address, telling of your support for the Coffee Cave Mural. I will be sending one myself. 
This is a promo video made for the Coffee Cave w/o its mural on the front: