Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Pioneers Are Forgetting...

Sometimes certain stuff sends me off on Twitter rants. De La Soul released a song yesterday that had them drawing inspiration from the Wu-Tang Clan, whom I respect but wasn't always a fan of their stuff cuz I couldn't relate to much of it (yeh, I know, sacrilege and blasphemy). Interspersed with the song's lyrics was a track from a Wu-Tang intro from a past album, about what hip-hop has/had become.
The song is brilliant, though. And fresh-air simplicity.
But it sort of sent me off on a tirade.
Read from the bottom of each picture:

At some point in the song "fxck a party" was said.
"Fxck a party"?
WTF do you think hip-hop and rap came from? How can you deny that? I just don't understand, I guess. It's like spitting in the face of your mother. And the really sad part is some of this attitude is coming from the pioneers who did the damned music in the first freakin' place!
The reason why I take emotional issue with this is because I am normally dismissed along with the other mainstream rap artists who are putting out less than quality stuff. I am viewed as riding a gimmick, when I'm merely being who I am...and they think this is all there is, the GATA City project. Even it, in all its danciness, is more hip-hop than most people will admit. It makes no apologies for what it is, and neither do I, to be honest.
People can sit round and say I'm not real, and my stuff is just dance and therefore useless mainstream fodder, but I truly believe in my pores that I am more hip-hop than most people think, simply cuz I'm being true to me, and to its roots. For fxck's sake, one of the first--if not THE first-- rap song committed to wax was done over a bloody disco song. Are you fxcking kidding me, people?
As a certain band once said, "Don't damn me."
As a certain icon once said, "I'm not your bxtch/don't hang your shxt on me."

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

25-Day Song Challenge--DAY 25

Well, it's the last day of the challenge! I hope you enjoyed reading these.
Day 25: A song you could listen to all day without getting tired of.
I actually did this the other's another No Doubt song:

Settle Down--No Doubt. This doubt speaks to me (see what I did there?). They always have at least one song that I emotionally connect with; it never fails.

Monday, April 8, 2013

25-Day Song Challenge--DAYS 23-24

Day 23: A song that you cannot stand to listen to.
Now why would I even post that if I can't stand listening to it? Waaaaayyyy too many songs fall under this category for me to choose just one... so I think I'll pass.

Day 24: A song that you have danced to with your best friend.
Here we are back to Peace again! LOL. We danced to this at the Fetish Prom, which was his first prom. My going to two proms (my own and someone else's; never mind I was out of high school when I was asked to the second) made me look like I had a prom career in comparison to him, LOL...

Anyway, it was one of the last dances and yet another song that is "ours" due to it. One of the best moments ever...he sez he always thought of me when he heard this song.

Tear You Apart--She Wants Revenge

Saturday, April 6, 2013

25-Day Song Challenge--DAY 22

Day 22: A song that someone has sung to you.

Y'know, TECHNICALLY I don't think this has happened, unless you count your friends just randomly singing stuff. Although Peace felt compelled to sing this the other day, staring me dead in the eye:


Friday, April 5, 2013

It's Been 19 Years...I Still Miss You

Kurt Donald Cobain....
Y'know, I never thanked you for saving my life. You got me through so many bad times, so many bottom-of-the-pit days, you and Nirvana.
When I learned that you were gone, I was standing in the kitchen of a place where I was crashing and heard on the radio that you'd been found dead...ugh. I was devastated. I must have cried a million tears and played "Heart-Shaped Box" a million more. I couldn't understand. MTV was dominated all day by nothing but Nirvana, and grieving fans everywhere. My "boyfriend" at the time didn't get it, and said I "couldn't let other people's problems affect my life". He just didn't know how powerful and significant you were to the world.
I'm so sorry you couldn't stay. I wish that you could have given us more great, honest music. You changed the game. Who knows? You could've changed it again.
Here's to you...I hope wherever you ended up, they let you come as you were.

Thank you...from the bottom of my soul.

25-Day Song Challenge--DAYS 20-21

Day 20: The last song alphabetically in your iTunes.
::goes to check::
Again, this is by artist:

Bostich--Yello. This was the shxt...still is.

Day 21: Your favourite song.

This fluctuates. But I guess I can't pick nothing, so....

7 Nation Army Remix--The Glitch Mob.
You know it's bad when you can't go back to listening to the original cuz it just doesn't kick you in the gut in the same way.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

25-Day Song Challenge--DAYS 18-19

Day 18: A song you love but rarely listen to.

If I had to pick one, it'd be this one:

Goodbye Is Forever--Arcadia

Day 19: The first song alphabetically in your iTunes.

::goes to check iTunes::

My songs seem to be alphabetised by artist....
It was this:

Strip--Adam Ant. Sooooo effin' smexy.

Monday, April 1, 2013

25-Day Song Challenge--DAY 17

Day 17: A song that makes you want to dance.

I have quite a few of these, too...but just lately it's been this one:

No Doubt - Looking Hot [Banned Oficial Music Video Full HD] from No Doubt Brasil on Vimeo.

Looking Hot-- No Doubt
Too bad I don't really feel like this, LOL...well at least the verses.