Friday, February 15, 2013

Long Time, No Post; Recent Happenings; Goodbye, Mrs. K

Yeh, yeh-- I know. Let's roll the effing dice, shall we?
So... I was recently asked to be in a commercial for Majesty Loft, which has since moved from Newark, NJ to Montclair, NJ (sigh). But the space is gorgeous, and much larger than the original location. They also call it  Majesty Ballroom. The director did sort of a pan shot to show all of the things that could be done at the Loft. It was fun to do. The funniest part about the shoot is that the person who was cast as the groom didn't show up, and Peace ended up filling in for him! He wasn't even supposed to be there, LOL.
The director and I have been discussing making another video, so I'll keep you posted about that.
I'm working on more bookings this year. I've been networking and making some great contacts, one of which is a really cule dude going by the name of Mecca Godzilla (now watch as the confusion campaign begins...but he knows already, LOL). This guy has seen some stuff, lemme tell ya. I am hoping to work with him on some trax in the future.
I've been struck with writer's block... I've been writing in dribs and drabs, but they're bomb, the lines I've been jotting down.
We took a break over the holiday as far as rehearsing goes, but that should begin again soon. We have some shxt to do, more slacking off!
I'm still under both 3 Miles and BrainMuscle, that hasn't changed.
I'm putting the finishing touches on the redesign of my website. It needed another overhaul. I wanted it to reflect more of my music, give it some direction and focus.
I got some bad news about one of my music teachers from Arts High, who had to be the sweetest woman...she was suddenly diagnosed with cancer around October, and lost the fight a few weeks ago. I was devastated. Her name was Linda Lanier-Keosaian. We never had any deep conversations or anything, but she encouraged me, cared about me. I daresay she loved every single one of her students. She taught me to love madrigals, and love singing them. She taught me that even the smallest voice has impact. She tried to show us all that we mattered, that we were important. And if the posts from classes that came behind me in school were any indication, she hadn't changed a bit in the years after I'd graduated.
We have lost a very fine person, and the world is poorer for it.
We love you, Mrs. K.
I love you.
Thank you for everything.