Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Public Service Announcement

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You can't simultaneously be supportive and dismissive of an artist.

If you approach an artist verbally about your interest in them and say you will follow up...


The ball is in your court. Don't wait for the artist to come to you. You expressed interest. If you fail to follow up we will just move on, much as you would if the roles were reversed. You can't even be mad if an artist complains about your lack of professionalism.

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On the other side of that coin...artists, if you approach these people verbally and say you will contact them, do so. You went to them. Follow through. It's okay to pitch yourself to blogs and publications. How else will they know you? It is also okay to make yourself so known they come to you.

When an artist complains once in awhile about not getting the recognition they know they actually (read: not think they do) deserve when they have been grinding forever and walking their talk, it's not always entitlement. It's reality, because people out here still treating the entertainment like they mean nothing, and the first people to bxtch about our unrest are the promoters who do their damndest to milk every indie artist for their hard earned money.

Promoters be like:
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Pay you just to be on your obscure radio show or podcast? No.

Pay you hundreds to be in a slot on a tour or so-called "industry showcase" that might not even be at a time when people see me? Nope.

Pay you to perform for less than ten minutes at a glorified block party? Fxck dat shxt.

Pay you for an interview in a magazine that pretty much was printed on your HP Envy and left in the corner of a bodega window and call it distribution? Really?!

No, you're right--nobody owes us anything... but for just being human and alive we deserve respect...until we prove otherwise.

We do have the right to vent our frustration. If you take offence, you are probably guilty.

It's prolly you.
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Sunday, December 30, 2018

30-Day Hip-Hop Song Challenge Days 28-30

Catching up again.

Day 28: "Favourite track by an artist from New York".

Oh, that's hardly fair-- I have so many...

How about...

KRS-One-- "Never Give Up"

But some of yawl ain't trying to hear this, though...

Day 29: "Favourite track by Travis Scott".

Sorry--don't have one.

Day 30: "Favourite outro track to a project".

I'm coming up empty. Crap.

Why I Choose To Buy A Fresh Yule Tree

This is not this year's tree but one we did awhile back that my son themed: Autumnal Frost tree.

Since I was a kid, the holidays were usually sporadic as it seemed my mother couldn't decide if she wanted to celebrate them or not. I remember seeing her give away a large bag of ornaments once. On another hand, I do also remember her making a rather large display of white branches and lights and buying two tiny live potted trees to place next to this, and my presents were underneath on her glass coffee table.

But one thing I wholeheartedly remember is that when she did indulge in a tree, it was always fresh. I asked her once why didn't she get a fake one? Surely it was more practical to keep one to have when you needed it? (I was a kid, what did I know.) Her look of disdain and answer of "Eww, no" pretty much clammed me up.

I couldn't argue with the wonderful smell, though, and lying underneath to look up at the branches. It's still my favourite thing to lie beneath the tree once it's up.

As an adult, I got my first real big tree when I moved into my third apartment with my son. I remember how fresh and green it smelled, and a bit like oranges. I remember being happy to carry this tradition on for my boy. Technically, my first real tree was a potted one that I had in my second apartment, and we enjoyed her, but could not think of where to plant her afterward since we lived in the middle of the ghetto and I didn't drive. Ugh. I should have taken her to the park or something...

I digress.

I only bought a fake tree once and it was due to the fact I'd been hospitalised and wasn't released until Xmas Eve-Eve, so I hadn't much time to find a fresh one. I reluctantly grabbed a white $10 tree from Family Dollar and used that for a few years until it got really grody... I decided it was time for a fresh one again.

When Peace came to live with us at Tha Cat Lair, we began buying a fresh tree from our local Home Depot. I loved the energy shift in the home when we did. I remember Peace asking why we didn't get a plastic one, much like I had when I was a kid. I answered the same as my mother did, LOL.

Prolly not with this face, though. (via giphy)

I did wonder, though, if it might not be more eco-friendly to have a fake tree. And I did what I do best next to what I really do: I researched it.

I found that plastic trees are actually not eco-friendly or sustainable. Faux trees leave a rather large carbon footprint--twice the size of a real tree. According to the Carbon Trust, a fake tree would have to be kept and reused for about ten Xmases or Yules to keep its environmental impact lower than that of a real tree. Plus a fake tree is kind of foul burnt in a landfill. A real tree can be recycled into mulch or something. I hear you can recycle or repurpose fake trees, but not sure how.

So, this is why I continue and it's my clowder's preference to go with fresh trees. Do your own research-- go with what's right for you--make up your own mind for next year. Happy tree shopping!

Thursday, December 27, 2018

30-Day Hip-Hop Song Challenge Days 24-27

Got caught up in holiday cooking and merrymaking...

Let's continue, shall we?

Day 24: "Favourite track by an artist that deserves more recognition".
I'm...gonna leave myself out of this, LOL.

Who could I put here?

A.B.Y.S.S.-- "Queen"

This artist needs more recognition, period.
Oh, BTW-- she's my prima. Hope to work with her sometime.

Day 25: "Favourite track to turn up to".

Yeh... we don't do that in this department.

Day 26: "Favourite track with a dope sample".

Lemme see...

Das EFX--"They Want EFX"

This is so simple yet totally amazing.

Day 27: "Favourite track by an artist you don't usually fxck with".

TBH: if I don't fxck with them, why would I have a favourite?

But I think I got one.

It's old-school, though.

Ice Cube-- "Wicked"

I wasn't a huge fan but I fell in love with this for some reason.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

30-Day Hip-Hop Song Challenge Day 23

Taking advantage of a lull in stuff to post this...

Day 23: "Favourite track that is over 8 minutes long".

Yes, this group...again.

Digital Underground-- "Good Thing We're Rappin"

When I heard this-- I mean, really heard this for the first time, I was laughing my ass off.

Saturday, December 22, 2018

30-Day Hip-Hop Song Challenge Days 17-22

Hey... I know, I know. Falling off. But I've been very busy with the holidays and with prepping for a show I just did. Back on track now...

Day 17: "Favourite track on your favourite mixtape".
I got nada. (via Giphy)

Day 18: "Favourite track by Kanye West".

Does something you kinda sorta found funny in passing count?

Kanye West-- Gold Digger

Thought it was sorta kinda funny once upon a time. Haven't listened to it since it was a thing.

Day 19: "Favourite freestyle".

The Real Mike Wilson--Freestyle For Issac Simon

Hey. I support mah peeples.

Day 20: "Favourite track with more than three features".

C'mon, sun... how could it not be this??

A Tribe Called Quest-- "Scenario"

Dude--this shxt has three featured people but like mad verses. Bending the rules.

Day 21: "Favourite simp track".

Okay... WTF. From what I understand this is:

--Simp (v): To intensively and confidently express your emotions through talking it out, listening to music, social media, etc.


--A man who puts women on a pedestal when she clearly doesn't deserve it. He thinks all women are victims and they barely do any wrong. He usually does this to gain favor with women aka try to have sex with her.


--(S)uckas - (I)dolizing - (M)ediocre - (P)ussy -- Basically someone who gives redundant and over the top attention to women that are of far less value than the attention or praise given. Usually the recipient of this praise is knowing of this and is taking full advantage knowing this fact.....Thus the term "sucka" is the main attribute and usually the results in the pending downfall of this kind of man. 

Uhmmm...wow. "When it rains it pours", huh? All I hear is "I can't write about anything emotional because if I do, mah boys and errybody gonna think I'm soft and on top of that I don't get no pussy myself so I'ma hate on the dude who does, and you know what else? I'm briny as fxck about it, so I say the dude is a sucka for some random bxtch and whipped and keep on writing a bunch of misogynistic basic shxt and that's that cuz that's the way of the Real Man™."

Actual picture of the people who think like this.
I'm-a need something to go with this salt...

...there ya go. (via tenor)



I...guess it's this...?   

Eminem-- "Crazy In Love"

It's extremely relatable. Totally nails the toxic relationship and gets visceral. And it meets all of the above stupid criteria.

Day 22: "Favourite track from the 90s".

Awh, man...

I listened to a lot of stuff and cannot pick a fave so I'm just gonna go with this:

Cypress Hill-- "Insane In The Brain"

IDK. I liked shxt that was different--Cypress Hill were definitely that; even if some of the trappings they rhymed about were typical, their sound was not.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

30-Day Hip-Hop Song Challenge Days 15-16

Hey. Guess I really am doing these two at a time, LOL

Day 15: "Favourite interlude".
I know it's an intro, but eff it-- using it anyway.

"Torture Intro"

Day 16: "Favourite track that gets you pumped up".

I'm not sure I have one for specifically that purrpose...

...except maaaaaybe this.

Run-DMC--"Raising Hell"

I legit listen to this if I have a gig up to a few minutes before I have to go on. I've been doing this since I started rhyming.

I told DMC once that I did this, and he said to me that he thought that was  "inspiring".