Friday, November 27, 2020

Clowdermas-- And A Recipe!

I know. "Bxtch, you don't blog." 

I come bearing gifts this time, but first: a story.

It's gonna be good.
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About three years ago I had a sudden burst of crazy to just put a whole holiday dinner on a bun. I figured it would be a fun way to have holiday dinner if we couldn't get to my dad's like we usually did or if I didn't feel like doing a full on dinner, or if, like it once happened before, our oven conked, and only the range or an applicance was all we had left to cook on. 

I tried to come up with the best parts of the dinner: what stood out when I made a full dinner? I tried to think of the big flavours.

I wrote it down, and never got to use it.

Until yesterday.

And it was--thankfully-- a hit. They already want this to be a full-on tradition--even had the noive to ask for it for Yule next month! 

One of my Elder Cubs killed theirs in two minutes flat and came back for another, Everyone said they liked it, even my finicky, persnickety youngest, who said it was "weird, but I give it infinite stars out of ten." 

I don't think I can ask for better than that.

Side Mission, to add some backstory:

Okay, Kylo, damn--relax!
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Last year, I made the decision to put my own spin on Thanxgiving as a holiday, should we observe it at Tha Cat Lair. I had written a whole IG story about our usual approach to the holiday, stating that we didn't really go all "YAY, THANXGIVING" about it. The day just seemed like an excuse to gather and be with those we loved, we ate dinner, we didn't really observe the traditional version of it like I guess most families are expected to. It could just as easily have been a Sunday dinner like some families are wont to do.

So, this year, we were bound by the guidelines of the 10 day unenforced lockdown in Newark and the fact that my stepmother basically cancelled the usual dinner at theirs because

...well, you know.
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And, whilst scrolling through my IG feed, a very wise young woman called Tha Conjuress, via one of her super enlightening posts, reminded me of what I'd said the year before.

She actually wrote something yesterday that nailed the sentiment as well. But I digress...

What I'd said was: " I would rather start my own tradition on the last Thursday of November than perpetuate the untruth or be angry every year. I would rather make something better. So I will."

Enter "Clowdermas". 

Our official Holiday greeting.
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I've called it "Clowdermas" in honour of our family: basically "The Sacred Gathering of Cats". 😹 Whilst the majority will be celebrating Thanxgiving, we'll be going "Blessed Clowdermas"! It might seem pretentious to some-- I got a lot of Festivus jokes from people, up to and including Peace (which I told him to stop because I am not a Seinfeld fan, sorry not sorry)-- but this is not the first time I've done a holiday dinner differently. I seem to recall a celebration a long time ago where none of my blood family were involved and it was just my boyfriend at the time and a bunch of our tribe. We even tried to make some traditions. 

Besides, if yawl can go round with effing "Galentine's Day" and "Friendsgiving", my clowder can have Clowdermas. Bai.


Back to the recipe for... The Clowdermas Dinner Burger!

This is my Eldest Cub's assembled burger. Note the wild Grrrl Cub photobombing in the background.

I pretty much eyebealled the whole thing so I don't have exact measurements. Everything is to taste.

I plan to tweak this recipe as I go along.

You'll need:

-Brioche buns

-Sharp cheddar slices

-a large tub of ground turkey. Yes-- it must be turkey, because you're going for the taste of a turkey dinner.

-Poultry seasoning, or Bell's Seasoning



-Minced Onion



(any of these are optional. Use whatever you would to season your normal turkey)

-Whole berry cranberry sauce, whatever brand you choose. We like Ocean Spray. Some of the clowder used jellied, so that's okay, too. If you make your own cranberry dressing, nada wrong with that either!

-Stuffing mix or whatever stuffing you make. We used Stove Top.

For the Spread:

-Sweet potatoes. We used canned, but I don't see why you cannot use fresh ones, or even yams. In fact, yams was the original plan but I didn't want to use that big-assed can of yams I had in the pantry.

-Heinz 57 Sauce.

-Miracle Whip. Now, I know everyone doesn't like Miracle Whip, but it's a staple Lairside. You can sub regular mayo here, it just won't be as zesty.



-Ground Ginger

Prepare your stuffing according to package directions or however you make stuffing. Set aside.

Open up your cranberry sauce. If you like it chilled, chill before opening.

Mix the turkey and the spices together in a bowl by hand or with a spoon.

Form your burgers and cook as you would a burger till cooked through.

For your spread, blend or mix together the sweet potatoes, the Heinz 57, and the Miracle Whip with the spices until smooth.

Spread the... spread on the bun, and add your burger, cheddar, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and there you are.

It's a bunch of flavours that on paper, you'd think might not work, but if you think about the usual holiday fare... you know it will!

The recipe will prolly have changed by the next time I try it so I'll let you know how those variations come out. If you try this, please take pics and let me know how you liked it...and pls let people know where you got it from!

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

I Admit It. I Have To Do Better.

Sorry, yawl.
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I don't know why it is so difficult for me to keep up with my blog. I find myself apologising to you lot more often than not. I'm sorry I haven't been active, and I will try to do better with this.

I. Can't. Even.
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Things have seemingly gone to shxt, haven't they? Life as we knew it has become something entirely different. You're locked down in the house. Any plans you had are suddenly up in the air or obliterated. None of the days feel like what they are (every day feels like Sunday to me). Nothing is certain-- not that things were before, but this really is a take-it-day-by-day situation. Moment-by-moment, even. This is how I've had to handle things.

I'm good.
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It hasn't been that difficult for me, the lockdown, and I can thank my only-child upbringing for that. I've baked bread, written lyrics, worked on a novel, updated my website, taken some (or started taking some) courses, made plans on how to best utilise my time, and just practised gratitude. I had been doing that in some form or fash anyway, but I have been doing it even more as of late. I really am grateful that I have this crazy clowder, who I love dearly.

I have also been taking more time to chat with my ancestors when I pray. I've begun living my life knowing that they are behind me, beside me, in front of me. I thank them for their contributions and for guiding me every day.

I have also been reading a lot. I can always turn to that when I have nothing else to do. It's one of my favourite pastimes anyway, but I know that if I don't have power, I can always find a flashlight and dig into a book.

It hasn't always been easy-- life still throws challenges at you (Peace broke my Sekhmet's arm off, our property management is being kind of a...pain, where the hell are eggs when you want them, the rum's gone) -- but it's also sent some bright spots (I'll be gifted another Sekhmet, someone gave us some eggs, people have been very generous, I went live on Instagram with one of my homies and did some songs). You take the bitter with the sweet, I suppose.

Yesterday, things finally came to a head for a situation in my life, and I am still reeling from that. I can only hope that this means I can make a way forward unfettered. Hoist my colours and bring me that horizon.

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I hope that, despite the fact that I cannot seem to stay blogging or sending a regular newsletter, you will continue to stick by me, GNOtaku. It seems that the wind is changing.