Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Public Service Announcement

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You can't simultaneously be supportive and dismissive of an artist.

If you approach an artist verbally about your interest in them and say you will follow up...


The ball is in your court. Don't wait for the artist to come to you. You expressed interest. If you fail to follow up we will just move on, much as you would if the roles were reversed. You can't even be mad if an artist complains about your lack of professionalism.

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On the other side of that coin...artists, if you approach these people verbally and say you will contact them, do so. You went to them. Follow through. It's okay to pitch yourself to blogs and publications. How else will they know you? It is also okay to make yourself so known they come to you.

When an artist complains once in awhile about not getting the recognition they know they actually (read: not think they do) deserve when they have been grinding forever and walking their talk, it's not always entitlement. It's reality, because people out here still treating the entertainment like they mean nothing, and the first people to bxtch about our unrest are the promoters who do their damndest to milk every indie artist for their hard earned money.

Promoters be like:
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Pay you just to be on your obscure radio show or podcast? No.

Pay you hundreds to be in a slot on a tour or so-called "industry showcase" that might not even be at a time when people see me? Nope.

Pay you to perform for less than ten minutes at a glorified block party? Fxck dat shxt.

Pay you for an interview in a magazine that pretty much was printed on your HP Envy and left in the corner of a bodega window and call it distribution? Really?!

No, you're right--nobody owes us anything... but for just being human and alive we deserve respect...until we prove otherwise.

We do have the right to vent our frustration. If you take offence, you are probably guilty.

It's prolly you.
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