Saturday, July 16, 2011

Twitter Rants....

Sometimes, I get on Twitter and rant is in these moments I have streams of odd consciousness. I think sometimes, it's one of my "people" speaking, LOL...but even if it is, it's always truth.

Here are the last 2, back to back, latest one first. If you are reading this on a spot where I posted it already, apologies for the repeat, NOT what I said.

"Saw a profile where their tagline was "tossing all punk rock bxtches in the ocean" or some such shxt. W'ever that means, cuz I ain't goin'!

"I do what I don't like it? Too effing bad. Cried ONE tear in a bucket--and that's cuz something was in my eye.

"Don't let the look fool you or let the fact my CD's composed mainly of shakeyerass fool you. I told you. I have facets. It don't stop there.

"You can look at me and dismiss me if you want--I will not be denied. Sorry to disappoint you. I've been at it too long to suffer ignorance.

"The dance stuff is just one me-- you WILL see more...eventually. You don't go thru what I have w/o developing 'sides'.

"You may not like one as much as the other, but to deny one is to deny all...and you'll just be missing out if you do.

"That said....DEAL WITH IT. I haven't changed for ANYONE and I'm not about to start. Think what you want; keep being wrong.

"Keep sleeping...I'll just laugh when your bed's aflame. And prolly add more kerosene.

"Keep thinking it's all gimmick. I might get a little more dolled up for some things over others but this is me all the time, always been.
"You can't fault me for being me. Dislike it, maybe; fault me, no. At least I'm not trying to be someone else, all rumour to the contrary."

"If I can help it, I try not to associate with those who hang with people I'm not trying to be linked to. #negativitytravels #loyaltysdead

"If you notice I seem to NOT be receptive to MIGHT be for that reason. Also, if you managed to dishonour me #takenote

"I'm done with people who forgot what loyalty means; done with people who have no idea what friendship means. I've been so for a long time.

"So, I'll watch the dog and PHONY show with great amusement as it commences. If you take's prolly you performing. #checkyourself

"Also done with people who decide I'm a friend when it's convenient for them. How am I good enough for one event, but not another? #dumb

"If you can't accept me as I am ALL of the time, we don't need to talk anymore. #ihavenotolerance for intolerance. Do I embarrass you? #good

"If you can't be bothered to enact common courtesy procedures and leave people hanging @ critical times, we don't need to talk anymore. #bye

"Don't say you'll be @ an event/you'll help and string me, or worse yet: not have the love to answer/own up, and expect I'll forgive. #NO

"Moreover, don't expect I'll welcome anything you say to me with open arms if you consort w/enemies and get "tagged out there"...#notstupid

"I'm done with being treated like shxt by those who say they "love" me. I embrace those who know what it is to stand by a person.


"Upside, tho': it makes me LMMFAO. HAHAHAHAHAHA

"So no, that doesn't make me a bxtch nor does it imply any kind of conceit or forgetfulness of whence I came. It does, however, liberate me.

"I'm just saying...former friends-who-still-think-they-are-after-that-bullshxt: I. See. You. And no, not in the Na'vi way. This ain't AVATAR.

"Thank you, though, for all the knives in my back. To paraphrase one of my "rants": you've just given me a more fortified backbone. #stronger"

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