Saturday, March 3, 2012

Random Pic Just Because

Peace is also involved with Bare Naked Bakesale. I brought him with me to the launch party/fundraiser for the site, and he got in front of the camera, and...oh, my.
Anyway, they had a neat little Facebook event where people were invited to take pictures with their mobile devices for one of the campaigns, "Give Cancer The Finger".  One night after we came back from an appearance at Majesty, we decided to snap a few to upload to the album.
This is one of the shots...and pretty much how we feel about the heat we've been getting for simply existing. This was taken Feb 3rd, 2012.
It also reminds me of something one of the photographers said of a similar picture he shot of Peace and me:
"You know why you always take pics like this? Because you two generate something so powerful most of us mere mortals can only hope to find in our lives. As I recall, I didn't ask you to pose like this. It was just instinctive for the two of you. And then for it to transcend the lens the way it did, this is all you. I just fired the shutter."

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