Thursday, November 18, 2010

Call For Producers....

Hey ya.
I'm guessing by now you might've figured out I'm not yer standard hip-hop chyck...I have waaaaaaaaaaaaay too many influences for that, and I'm in want of some more variety.
I need trax that go all over the place. I specifically want reggaeton on purpose, but it has to be different than what is on the radio.
I need something w/a punk/ska flavour. If you dunno what that is, No Doubt and Madness are a good place to begin. But--BUT it has to sound hip-hop too...elements from the culture. I also want some stuff that will keep people moving.
I want something w/a Jazzy Bains feeling, some bellydance stuff, some Ting Tings stuff. Some stuff like you'd hear off of SSX3. Benny Benassi stuff...yet still sounding hip-hop and funky!
I could also use some remixes of the current stuff. Techno, dubstep, industrial, darkwave, rock, whatever. What do you hear? How do you think you can improve on it? I wanna hear it too!
So...anyone up for the challenge? Mail me or catch me on Twitter. I'd love to hear from you. Srsly!!

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