Friday, November 5, 2010

A Post For Future Reference...

I'm just gonna say this, so it's documented and folx can come back and view b4 they come w/criticism:
I don't have vacuous lyrics, but I'm not gonna be deep/heavy all the time either.
Not gonna market my t&a to you... but I'm not nunning up cuz s/one thinx I should.
I'm not and will never claim to be squeaky clean/wholesome, but I'm not/won't be the slutspawn of satan.
I'm the Naughty Kitti but I am a person with a good heart and a conscience. You can't box me. Don't try.
Expect a broad spectrum from me. I might make you dance and 4get your troub for a bit....the next I'll be dropping message bombs and intellectual land mines. I'm weird like that.
And while I may stand out visually, and come off toon that is not to be read "coon" or "buffoon". Don't get "Bamboozled".
Some of you may like me, some of you will hate me. But all of you CAN--not "will" or "should"-- respect me because I'll do nothing less than be true to myself and who I am. I won't put on airs. You will get GATA straight-no-chaser. 
Except when I'm portraying a character or having to lipsynch or s/thing due to dance-heavy. Then all bets are off . (^_^)
That said... I will do my best to honestly entertain you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I plan to.

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