Friday, April 16, 2010

Pressing On Despite Haters and Lack of Faith/Support...

If you know me you know it takes a lot for me to express frustration. But I have to say it is really hard to get people to support a cause. I mean, I have fans but I barely know it...most of you, when called upon...don't respond. It makes me wonder if anyone actually is into what I'm doing. Part of building a fanbase is word of mouth. I'm really pushing the gig thing this year. But how on earth can anyone tell their buddies "GATA had an awesome gig" or "GATA's gig really sucked, but I liked it anyway" (LOL)  if they're not even there to see it? How can you post pictures, or video--how can you hate on it if you haven't even seen it?

I think that, because of how I performed last year at the Newark Gay Pride thingy, people are prolly put off a bit, and don't want to come out again (not that they came out in droves for the first one). I mean, if you were there, it prolly looked crazy, but some people were responding...add to that the fact that Newark acts as if it's too cule for the room sometimes. They don't respond to anything they don't get, and even if they do get it, it takes a lot for them to express anything. I've seen them literally just stand there and zombie stare at all the acts in a show, save the people who may have known the act that was on stage at any given time. It's like it's too much to ask for some positive energy! Even when WWE was here, they gave no love...and that's WWE! WTF did you buy a ticket for? But I digress...

My performance wasn' good as I'd hoped it'd be. I even tell you in the video that I'm having some issues w/sound and a fit of the giggles...thanx to my grrl cub kicking me and these two people in the front who were giving sooo much energy doing these 80s dances, LOL. It could have been much better. I had fun, tho'. I thought I was gonna end up in the damned emergency room/labour and delivery when it was over, N4N!
I look at the video often to study myself and remember what not to do.

I am hoping that May's gig will be better. I'm certainly putting a lot into it. I'm an emcee, but I'm kinda from the old school when people rhymed about nearly anything and could get away w/it, when dance was still an important part of the culture, when people weren't trying to look like they were hardened criminals and obsessed w/"keepin' it real". I'll keep it real, alright, but my "real" is waaaayyy different than their "real". Real for me is expressing myself thru my art and my music, which includes my appearance. I mean even by old-school standards, I'm a different breed. I prolly would've been the weirdest of the Native Tongues if I was part of that crew, to give you some perspective on that.

My show is different from what you'd expect a hip-hop act to you can't go in expecting hardcore ghetto attitude. That's not to say I won't write hardcore, cuz I have some sinister shxt going on in my head sometimes. I explore a range of feelings when I write. Right now, I am focused on trying to have fxckin' fun. Where's the fun @ in hip-hop, guys? Does it always have to be about "bxtches", how much collateral you supposedly have, how many people you fxcked, how much money you have, how you'll cap somebody for no apparent reason, to be "real"? I mean, even when the Beasties wrote "License to Ill", they were doing it tongue-in-cheek! C'mon, yawl...

Expect actual choreography this time. Expect more songs besides what you see on the video. Expect me to look really crazy--as usual. Expect an overall better show.

In light of this I am trying to gather a street team. I need visual support, I need to get the asses in the seats, as it were, LOL. The outside world has to know who I am and what I'm about. If you appreciate what I do, if you think I should meet the world, I humbly ask for any help you might be able to give. I do give incentives, for those asking, "What's in it for me?" Get recruited and find out!

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