Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Pioneers Are Forgetting...

Sometimes certain stuff sends me off on Twitter rants. De La Soul released a song yesterday that had them drawing inspiration from the Wu-Tang Clan, whom I respect but wasn't always a fan of their stuff cuz I couldn't relate to much of it (yeh, I know, sacrilege and blasphemy). Interspersed with the song's lyrics was a track from a Wu-Tang intro from a past album, about what hip-hop has/had become.
The song is brilliant, though. And fresh-air simplicity.
But it sort of sent me off on a tirade.
Read from the bottom of each picture:

At some point in the song "fxck a party" was said.
"Fxck a party"?
WTF do you think hip-hop and rap came from? How can you deny that? I just don't understand, I guess. It's like spitting in the face of your mother. And the really sad part is some of this attitude is coming from the pioneers who did the damned music in the first freakin' place!
The reason why I take emotional issue with this is because I am normally dismissed along with the other mainstream rap artists who are putting out less than quality stuff. I am viewed as riding a gimmick, when I'm merely being who I am...and they think this is all there is, the GATA City project. Even it, in all its danciness, is more hip-hop than most people will admit. It makes no apologies for what it is, and neither do I, to be honest.
People can sit round and say I'm not real, and my stuff is just dance and therefore useless mainstream fodder, but I truly believe in my pores that I am more hip-hop than most people think, simply cuz I'm being true to me, and to its roots. For fxck's sake, one of the first--if not THE first-- rap song committed to wax was done over a bloody disco song. Are you fxcking kidding me, people?
As a certain band once said, "Don't damn me."
As a certain icon once said, "I'm not your bxtch/don't hang your shxt on me."

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