Monday, April 8, 2013

25-Day Song Challenge--DAYS 23-24

Day 23: A song that you cannot stand to listen to.
Now why would I even post that if I can't stand listening to it? Waaaaayyyy too many songs fall under this category for me to choose just one... so I think I'll pass.

Day 24: A song that you have danced to with your best friend.
Here we are back to Peace again! LOL. We danced to this at the Fetish Prom, which was his first prom. My going to two proms (my own and someone else's; never mind I was out of high school when I was asked to the second) made me look like I had a prom career in comparison to him, LOL...

Anyway, it was one of the last dances and yet another song that is "ours" due to it. One of the best moments ever...he sez he always thought of me when he heard this song.

Tear You Apart--She Wants Revenge

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