Friday, April 5, 2013

It's Been 19 Years...I Still Miss You

Kurt Donald Cobain....
Y'know, I never thanked you for saving my life. You got me through so many bad times, so many bottom-of-the-pit days, you and Nirvana.
When I learned that you were gone, I was standing in the kitchen of a place where I was crashing and heard on the radio that you'd been found dead...ugh. I was devastated. I must have cried a million tears and played "Heart-Shaped Box" a million more. I couldn't understand. MTV was dominated all day by nothing but Nirvana, and grieving fans everywhere. My "boyfriend" at the time didn't get it, and said I "couldn't let other people's problems affect my life". He just didn't know how powerful and significant you were to the world.
I'm so sorry you couldn't stay. I wish that you could have given us more great, honest music. You changed the game. Who knows? You could've changed it again.
Here's to you...I hope wherever you ended up, they let you come as you were.

Thank you...from the bottom of my soul.

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