Friday, November 7, 2008

Hey, GNOtaku, welcome to my new site!! I wanted to give the whole thing a much-needed makeover and had been busier than a one-armed paperhanger setting it it's finally done!
A few things are different: I didn't add the Litterbox this time, because a) people didn't know how to use the damned thing and b) why invite hate on purpose? Maybe later... when I get someone else to read my mail for me. I liked to have warning that I was getting some "jealous hater nonsense", but I see that haters will post shxt anywhere on the site they can, so oh well. That's what mail philtres are for!
The Gore Goddyss™ page will eventually lead to a whole other site that's in the worx. There'll be a gallery there, as well as stuff geared towards my scarier side.
So...have a whirl around the site, if you'd like to exchange banners, shoot us an email from the contact page!

Her Morbid Meowness
La GATA Verdadera Y Original