Saturday, March 16, 2013

25-Day Song Challenge--DAY 1

Okay, giving this a shot...

Day 01: A song from your childhood.
Okay, to keep folx guessing, I will give more than one...hee hee hee!!!

Take On Me from a-ha. This video is fxcking epic. I chose it because it makes me happy, and I currently have it on my mp3 player. But you know what? They have another I love that no-one seems to remember:

The Sun Always Shines on TV. I just seem to have this...connection to this song.

Leave Me Alone--Michael Jackson. Chosen cuz, yeh--I DO feel like this sometimes due to outside drama from sources I don't need it from...

  Spice Girls--Say You'll Be There. I just like the visuals.

Okay, that's enough...I said I'd keep you guessing.

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